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The Viking Rescue System has been updated ++

Posted: 26 Mar 2019, 11:49
by viking60
The Viking Rescue DVD has been updated and I have added some new goodies. :cheers

SystemrescueCD is now Arch based and has reached version 6.0,2 and the packages: borg, nwipe, lshw, zerofree, joe, rkhunter, strace are added.
Support for 32bit has been skipped in this version.

There are so many possibilities with SystemRescueCD and it this is the "short list"
A recent Linux kernel, that supports most important file systems, and the most important hardware. Supported file systems include: ext3, ext4, xfs, reiserfs, fat16, fat32, jfs, ntfs. The kernel supports NFS and Samba.
Graphical partition tools, that aim to be free partition-magic clones for Linux. You can use GParted.
Most important console system tools for Linux. Of course, you have GNU Parted (partition editor), Partimage or FSArchiver (drive image clone) for backing up partitions to an image file, File system tools (e2fsprogs for ext4, xfsprogs, reiserfsprogs for reiserFS, jfsutils, dosfstools for FAT, ntfsprogs for NTFS. You can use dump/restore for backing up an ext4 partition.
ntfs-3g (third generation of the NTFS driver) provides a full read-write support for NTFS partitions from Linux.
Usual tools for Linux users: tar/gzip/bzip2 for archiving files. The same tools for Windows users: zip/unzip, rar/unrar, p7zip are provided. This means that you are able to backup/restore your windows data. We have added DAR (Disk Archiver). This is a program like tar, but more powerful
Midnight-Commander (type mc on the console command line) is a free Norton-Commander clone for Linux. With mc, it is easy to browse, copy, move, edit all files on your computer. If you don’t know all the linux shell commands well, you can start with mc.
You can use basic web browsers to get some documentation while you are working from the rescue environment.
Of course, editors are important when you have problems. Nano (easy editor), vim (vi improved) and qemacs (emacs clone) are provided for the text mode.
The XFCE graphical desktop environment allow you to use graphical programs such as GParted and graphical text editors such as Geany.

Clonezilla is updated to the latest version (clonezilla-live-2.6.0-37-amd64)
Here is the changelist:
This release of Clonezilla live (2.6.0-37) includes major enhancements and bug fixes.
ENHANCEMENTS and CHANGES from 2.5.6-22

The underlying GNU/Linux operating system was upgraded. This release is based on the Debian Sid repository (as of 2019/Jan/08).
Linux kernel was updated to 4.19.13-1.
Partclone was updated to 0.3.12+gitfeb58af.
Package ldmtool and haveged were added.
Package curl was added. Thanks to andrew441973 for asking this.
Package network-manager was added so that user can use "nmtui" to configure network if it's necessary, especially for wifi.
Make unknown fs as "dd", and the image name for partition like: sda3.dd-img.aa is now a legacy. It's replaced by sda3.dd-ptcl-img.lzma.aa. Rewrite the same mechanism in ocs-onthefly.
In addition to massive-deployment mode, the interactive-client mode was added so that lite server can provide the ability to enter interactive mode of Clonezilla live in the clients.
Let live-build 20180618 handle uEFI boot, so ocs-put-signed-grub2-efi-bldr and ocs-gen-grub2-efi-bldr are deprecated. The changes:
/boot/grub/efiboot.img is /boot/grub/efi.img now.
/EFI/boot/grub.cfg is moved to /boot/grub/grub.cfg now.

The New stuff
I have added Ophcrack because it can crack Windows 10 passwords!
Add I have added Comodo rescue disc which can clean your Windows installation from Trojans and viruses. It is easy to use .
So here is the bragging list:
Boot disk that runs Comodo Cleaning Essentials virus scanner in a pre-boot environment
Includes full AV scanning engine capable of removing rootkits embedded so deeply they cannot be removed with CCE for Windows
Automatically downloads latest virus signatures prior to executing scan for maximum security
Perfect for ensuring computers are totally clean of threats when troubleshooting problems or setting up a secure network of endpoints
Also includes tools that allow you to explore files, take screenshots and browse the Internet
No installation required – runs direct from USB or CD/DVD

The important thing is that you have an Antivirus option here in addition to those on Trinity kit - You can never have enough AV options.

The Old Workhorse TrinityRescueKit is still there and I still love it :-D It is old but still useful.

The Real Easy to use Bare Metal Backup system REDO is still there. It will Back up Windows and Linux and everything else on your computer with the push of a button.

Rescatuxis still there to rescue your Win or Linux system.

In short everything you need when lightning strikes.

Here is the md5sum:

2bfb69f1f4c99fffeb6fb3ea378d25de viking.iso

Re: The Viking Rescue System has been updated ++

Posted: 26 Mar 2019, 13:03
by R_Head
Last time I used the rescue disk deleted the Boot Sector. Yes, had to set the BIOS to boot from the DVD. Not much of a problem, but was rather anoying to install GRUB all over again.

Still doing that?

Re: The Viking Rescue System has been updated ++

Posted: 26 Mar 2019, 13:18
by viking60
Did you use Rescatux or Supergrub disk? It can both delete and retrieve the boot sector so it is easy to fix. But it is annoying so remember to hit the right buttons the next time :-D If it does not work correctly there is potential for some frustration there.....

The Disk itself will not touch any of your data but one of the programs on it will +1 The DVD is just a collection of several Live CD's to save your Bacon.
It is practical to have them all on one DVD instead of having 7!

This has become a rather Big DVD now but it has everything I need to restore and save - pretty much - everything. :tux5:

Some of the tools are complicated but very efficient (and potentially dangerous). The easy to use tools are REDO backup, Comodo and Ophcrack. Rescatux is pretty easy when it works.

The advantage with this DVD is that if one does not work you can pick another one.