PureVPN Christmas VPN Deal 88% Off on 5-Year Plan: $1.32/m

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PureVPN Christmas VPN Deal 88% Off on 5-Year Plan: $1.32/m

Postby johnbvergara18 » 18 Dec 2018, 09:19

PureVPN is offering the best VPN discount on this Christmas.

Available option:

5-Years $1.32/m - Save 88%

Source: https://www.purevpn.com/vpn-deals/lifetime

A few things to mention:
• 300,000+ IPs and 2000+ servers in 141+ countries
• 5 Multi-logins
• Unblock Streaming Services from Anywhere!
• No Log Policy
• Top-Notch VPN Apps
• P2P optimized special servers
• OpenVPN (TCP and UDP), PPTP, L2TP, SSTP, IKEv2!
• 7-days money back policy
• 24/7 customer support!

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Re: PureVPN Christmas VPN Deal 88% Off on 5-Year Plan: $1.32/m

Postby viking60 » 18 Dec 2018, 11:57

Without prejudice; the service has been known to be slow on Android.
Since Android is Linux there might be reason to be aware of this.
I do not know if this is the case for other Linux distros, but it sure would be nice to hear from someone with experience on this point rather than reproductions of great deals from VPN sites.

Pure VPN does not look bad.. I just miss some (Linux) user experiences....

Over in the Manjaro Forum Pure VPN got exatly 0 % of the votes :confused (it might be old though)

https://forum.manjaro.org/t/whats-your- ... oice/40279

In General you should check out the jurisdiction of the service: If it is in an 5 eyes country then your VPN service is Internet hostile in terms of privacy.

Pure VPN is Hongkong based an therefor not in any "eyes" but you be the Judge of China as the jurisdiction of an VPN service. It is not very likely that your US ISP or 5 eyees ISP will ever receive any data from a VPN service like that so in that sense it might be the most secure.
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