The third party Doctrine

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The third party Doctrine

Postby viking60 » 12 Apr 2017, 13:43

During my recent contacts with Microsoft I was reminded of how self evident violating privacy has become.

Having given them my phone no. on the web I was called back and I needed to check some things out and call Microsoft back.

On this call i was met with a set of condtions that the call would be taped and any information given could be given to a third party. :f

I was asked to press 1 if I agree - and I don't - so I did not press anything.

The call went through and the MS lady asked me for my phone number - I answered that I had filled that out in the support request formula but she did not have access to it.

So to move matters on I had to give her my phone number which Microsoft will share with everybody they want to.
She also asked my about my postal zip but at this point I had developed a bit of a temper reguarding this blatant breach of privacy so I answered that I expected them to call me- not to visit me :berserk2

This is probably a part of the Third Party Doctrine where the government collects data from people who have waved their rights to privacy to some company.

According to Smith vs Maryland the person has no expectation of privacy once the rights have been waved somewhere.

Since people actually do expect privacy, this is being rethought these days since technology advances and the message has been heavily oversold by the government.

Apparently Microsoft has automated the process to accommodate.

Don't give away info about yourself if you don't have to - you will be sold like a slave or given to the government who are not allowed to gather this info themselves.

There are laws to prevent this and governments tap dance around them.

I wonder if it is worth paying taxes for being deceived like this ..maybe we should follow their example and tap dance around the tax legislation?

In principle there is no difference.
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