Decided to check out OpenMandriva LX 2015 Alpha

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Decided to check out OpenMandriva LX 2015 Alpha

Postby viking60 » 04 May 2015, 14:59

I decided to check out OpenMandriva Lx 2015 and drop My Openmandriva Openbox personal setup.
Openmandriva did have a lot of problems with the Norwegian locale so I thought a fresh install could fix that.

And during install I see that the discrimination of Berserks continues... No Norwegian Locale present in the Calamares installer. :berserkf

Ok I'll let the foreigners test it then :berserk2

Ok I am a bit calmer now since it turns out that the locales-no was indeed installed and could be picked in MCC and after a logout an login I got the option to rename all directories etc with Norwegian names.

So I have a working Norwegian Locale now :dance:
I guess I will continue testing this thing then....
Adding repositories or updating seems to freeze the MCC every time.

Code: Select all

sudo urpmi --auto-update

Seems to freeze too - it just stays there with nothing happening...
It might have been some network problems - because after a boot it all worked.....
Got the Virtualbox guest additions working fairly ok.
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