LinuxLive USB Creator

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LinuxLive USB Creator

Postby viking60 » 07 May 2012, 00:24

ImageThere are many tools out there to put a Linux installation on a USB-pen. LinuxLive USB Creator seems to be a good alternative.
It is easy to use; you only have to point and click. And you do not have to boot from your USB.pen. If you select to launch it under Windows it will pull a portable Virtualbox and put it on your dongle:
And most handily of all, checking "Enable launching LinuxLive in Windows" caused the program to download and install a portable version of VirtualBox on the key. And that enabled us to run our test distro (Ubuntu 12.04) without having to reboot Windows: we just double-clicked "Virtualize_This_Key", clicked "Try Ubuntu" when the option appeared, and were able to see and work with Ubuntu in a VirtualBox window on our Windows 7 deskto

You do not have to know what Virtualbox is - The point is that you will be able to run Linux under Windows without rebooting.
This might be a good place to start....

More here...
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Re: LinuxLive USB Creator

Postby dedanna1029 » 16 Jun 2012, 16:57

Back when I had to figure out how to install Linux to the netbook, I saw this, Linux Live USB Creator (I forget where now), highly recommended for installing Linux without a cd/dvd drive. Wish I'd had time to check it out more. The unetbootin that I use is buggy, and I can never rely on it very well. Sometimes it takes up to 7 tries to get it to get Linux installed. The quarter in school is almost over now though, and I'll have time during break to check out Linux Live USB Creator. I have bugs on boot now from this latest installation, and I'm thinking it's due to Unetbootin, which is flakey at best, so it seems. I let them ride because they're not harming anything for now. They're just annoying to watch.

Thanks for the mention on it.
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