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Caving in - Got a Smartphone - Nokia 7+

Postby viking60 » 01 Oct 2018, 11:28

Ok so I know it is not smart to buy a smartphone. It is like electronic custody where the government knows all you do and where you do it at all times.

This also goes for the providers of services; so basically your privacy is violated in every way possible.

The road to hell is paved with gold so we all eventually are supposed to cave in to make the Big Brother society perfect :wall:

So that is what I have done...I have caved in and got me a Nokia 7 +

This is the latest Nokia model and ironically Nokia caved in too and got rid of Windows and replaced it with Android.

The Android is pretty straight up Android without to many adaptations and it works pretty well.

But why would I get a smartphone - you say? Well I got these hearing aid stuff in my ears that function like a stereo and I want to adjust sound and quality etc guessed it... that can only be done by a smartphone app if you do not want to fiddle around with your ears all the time.

So here I am then..thoroughly spied upon by all sorts of people...

But as a smartphone Nokia 7+ has a nice camera and it does the hearing stuff well. Naturally I have replaced the google nameservers with cloudlflare which can be done with DnsChanger

Also I have installed a Linux terminal called Termux which lets me SSH into my servers or simply find the IP of my phone with a simple

Code: Select all

ip addr

Downloading stuff from my computers like Music or Images is easily done with the help of our Tips and Tricks section

The flashlight is nice and basically I spend my time denying every App every right possible (and still have some functionality) and naturally I stay away from Facebook.

Voice and FIngerprint activation are a Big NO NO even if they are possible because I have something to hide... like all of us.
I have nothing to say so I don't need free speech
is simply not the right attitude.
I could go on for hours about the various violations of privacy you all know :-D

I also have installed Yoga VPN to avoid that my data get stolen on public Wifi etc.

But this is the hardware section and about Nokia 7 which is a good Smartphone compared to all other Smartphones.

And yes; it is even possible to make Phone calls with this thing :shock:
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