Apple is launching the next big thing

Not the Beatles record company. Not the fruit.. What could it be...

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Apple is launching the next big thing

Postby viking60 » 12 Sep 2015, 10:52

Apple is launching iPhone 6s pluss - I think - it is alway the next big thing in any case.

Since Apple is the biggest and richest company in the world it has to be said that they are quite good at it too! +1

After all; they did invent the square with rounded corners - No wonder they are called geniuses.

So Smart and Phone wise Apple is A no. 1 - in terms of running a server there remains something to be wished for though:

This is what many eager Apple fans met when they tried to order the next big thing.

But then again - this might just be a part of the "hard to get" strategy; maybe Apple wants people to sleep in front of their computers to - not only in the streets in front of the stores?

Me being negative to Apple again you say, without having ever owned one or barely used one?

Yep +1
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