Never reboot again.

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Never reboot again.

Postby viking60 » 16 Feb 2015, 22:53

Linux has this great advantage over Windows that you rarely have to reboot after an update.

This has not been the case when the kernel gets updated - and one of the distros that requires a restart often is OpenSuse.

This is ironical since the Suse techs have come up with a live patch system for the kernel (maybe it is logical then? ). Now you can patch the kernel without even on sec of downtime!

And that is a good thing; especially for servers.

SUSE enterprise has this built in. Other distros will have to wait until kernel 3.20 is shipped to their distro. In this kernel the Suse kernel patch will be incorporated according to plan.

Once that is done: you will never have to restart your computer again :jackpot

(Not on the account of updates anyway).

Good show Suse :s

Here is what the Chief Penguin has to say about it.
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