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Manjaro pulseaudio fix

Posted: 27 Dec 2013, 13:50
by viking60
I am usually using openbox on manjaro (my own setup - not the community version) but i do "dualboot" with xfce.
In openbox I need to open pulseaudio volum control

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To change the output device from headphone to line out.
For some reason Manjaro insists that I have a headphone :berserk2
That is no big deal though since I only have to right-click the speaker on the panel and adjust it.

When I log out and log in to xfce4 then pulseaudio may or may not be started.
I often get this error when I hit ALR+F2 and write pavucontrol:
--and that simply means that pulseaudio is not started.

In those cases hit ALT+F2 and enter pulseaudio --start and then you can enter pavucontrol to adjust your output device.

And life is good again.... :-D