Finding WAN and LAN addresses

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Finding WAN and LAN addresses

Postby viking60 » 22 Apr 2017, 22:41

Many of us only see LAN addresses and don't even know the WAN address.
Sometimes the WAN address is gone and that means that your Internet is gone because WAN is the IP that your ISP gives you through the Modem router.

This is not the internal or but the IP to "phone" the outside world.Image

When it is gone you will notice an interruption in that internet game you are playing or pages not loading.

To find out if everything is up and the IP's + interfaces you can do a:

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inxi -Nni

(If inxi is not default on your distro you need to install it first)
Tin foil hatters would also install whois and check that the IP shown under WAN comes from your ISP

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whois <WAN IP>
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