Centos7 salt-minion not responding to (Manjaro) master

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Centos7 salt-minion not responding to (Manjaro) master

Postby viking60 » 04 Nov 2016, 14:58

I had to reinstall a lot lately and at some point I was completely unable to get my Centos 7 salt-minion to respond to the master even if it would produce a salt-key that the master could read.

It has worked before so my reinstalling must have something to do with it.

And a

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systemctl status salt-minion.service
on the Centos server revealed the following

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[CRITICAL] The Salt Master server's public key did not authenticate!

Ah got it; it is the same with SSH so I had t delete the masterkey located here(on Centos 7):

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Like this

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sudo rm /etc/salt/pki/minion/minion_master.pub

Then I went to the Manjaro master and did a:

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sudo salt '*' test.ping

and the Centos computer was there :jackpot
To check out Salt have a look here:
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