Iptux/ipmsg - instant LAN messaging and sharing

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Iptux/ipmsg - instant LAN messaging and sharing

Postby viking60 » 05 Mar 2013, 12:23

Well after finally having installed iptux on all boxes I can now send messages and files and directories to my network "Pals" and it is not limited to Linux users since it will also detect ipmsg.exe on Windows boxes. And there is a Mac version too
So the communication and collaboration in an mixed environment is secured.
Click on your pal and the chat comes up:
I can also embed pics in the chat:
And attach files - they turn up as enclosed on the bottom right

Here I can attach files via the <File> menu or request the resources that my pal has opened to me:
In this case the Documents directory is shared with me so I accept it and choose to put it in Downloads(Nedlastinger)
I do not get any further messages so I go to the Downloads directory to see if it is there:
And indeed it is +1
This is the only point where I get a bit nervous:
What if my palls has shared his "Documents" and I choose to save it to /home/viking ?
Will my documents be overwritten?
Well I think I did that mistake - and it was not overwritten - but I am not sure, so be a bit careful here since the system is not verbose about this.
I did in fact make that mistake and the contents of the shared Documents directory was put into my Documents - so all is good.
Still you would want to put the entire directory somewhere else like in downloads....where the directory will be created since it does not exist.
It can be tiresome to sort out the imported documents from your own.

This is a good thing and if you see that expensive server solutions boast about stuff like jabber etc. it looks like there is a load of money to be saved.

You can have it for free and you do not need all that expensive support. Eh well I did actually need support to get it installed on Mandriva 2010.2 but usually you will find it in your repos and simply install it - and then you are ready to go.

You can password-protect files and directories that you are sharing with your pals and chat with them regarding the content, so it is secure too. As always; the greatest security risk will be between the Keyboard and the Chair.

Great piece of software and it just works.
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