Installing nginx on Mageia

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Installing nginx on Mageia

Postby viking60 » 21 Nov 2016, 15:11

Since I have Mageia in VB I decided to install a LEMP server. LEMP is Linux, nginx(Engine X), Mysql, Php.

As you can see the A for Apache is gone and the reason for this is the 10k problem.

When 10000 people use your system at the same time then you are in for some heavy duty hardware investments if you use Apache.

The nginx server solves that with the server software. So here we go:
Install nginx:

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sudo urpmi nginx

then do a:

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sudo systemctl start nginx.service

open a browser and go to http://localhost and you will be greeted by the nginx welcome page.
enable it for future use:

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sudo systemctl enable nginx.service

Install other needed stuff for the server:

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sudo urpmi php mysql

Then start mysql:

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sudo systemctl start mysqld

and set it up:

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Hit enter once and answer yes to the rest. You will be asked to set the root password for the database which is NOT your Linux root so don't worry.
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