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Re: Mandriva

Postby jkerr82508 » 26 Feb 2013, 22:01

Mandriva SA has launched the successor to MES:

There's a free of charge (SOHO) version, but if my reading of the product brochure is correct, it does not provide an updates service, and so seems to be really just a trial version, such as was available for MES.


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Re: Mandriva

Postby viking60 » 26 Feb 2013, 23:56

It seems that the limitation is the 5 user limit. This server looks good though and being in the server business is being in the "peace of mind" business. Paying for the setup and the working server is fair enough.

....If there is a company ready to bet on that Mandriva SA will be there tomorrow to provide the support.
In fact the French are world famous for their lack of service. The Japanese tourists in Paris get psychological problems from the arrogant and rude waiters there.

Mandriva SA should really not adapt that culture :-D If they get this ball rolling; they could have a good future though.
As a business server it looks good - as a web server they will be outdone by Centos with Cpanel
I am a bit in doubt how this server is compared to IBM system x, with partners, but it probably is cheaper.
And they could always shine with personal service - IBM is not famous for that (not in my experience - but their stuff does just work and work and work).
And Ubuntu is tough competition I would think - but I bet Mandriva is a lot easier to handle,

It will be interesting to see how this goes.
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