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Re: Action at Open-Mandriva again...

Posted: 28 Sep 2013, 21:24
by viking60
:-D That is what I said above - blackrack gets offended when someone is tired of the "Mandriva shite".
Mandriva needs fans like that; where dedanna and I are unfaithful and flirting with other distros, blackrack sticks to Mandriva.

He should have a place over in the openMandriva forum (not necessarily the cooker mailing list) but that forum is dead.

This is no criticism only me stating what I regard as a fact - and that is only sad.

A sure token of a distro on the death bed is when the "organisation" cannot even handle requests to contribute.

Check out this example

Here people want to help out with the translation in Transifex - and ask how they can contribute and if Transifex is used.
First inquiry was in April and the last bump was in September - no answer whatsoever :Doh:

Again I do not want to :mandriva: but the facts speak for themselves.

Re: Action at Open-Mandriva again...

Posted: 29 Sep 2013, 08:40
by Blackcrack

it is easy, the wrong persons had it in the hands ..
and has build it up an total crap..
and had created an death bed .. and not a green meadow with an seed of live

this fuXXX President... i hate him.. :berserkf

and they keep me out ? fine ..

best regards

Re: Action at Open-Mandriva again...

Posted: 02 Oct 2013, 13:27
by R_Head
What is the story short version (without the drama) of Open Mandriva?

Re: Action at Open-Mandriva again...

Posted: 03 Oct 2013, 01:17
by viking60
This is just about OMA not beeing able to exploit the support offered - and even banning people in a situation where they need all the people they can get.
etc etc only subjective views.
There was some action in the mailing list to this effect.
To be fair:
viking60 wrote:
Here people want to help out with the translation in Transifex - and ask how they can contribute and if Transifex is used.
First inquiry was in April and the last bump was in September - no answer whatsoever :Doh:

This is not the case anymore.
They have answered now - maybe we have had some positive efect? :confused

Re: Action at Open-Mandriva again...

Posted: 03 Oct 2013, 01:32
by dedanna1029
Blackcrack wrote:Madame Dramaqueen ..

if this tread you not interesting or boring you,
I'm not forcing you to write any what ..
I might as well say "Oh not this sh*t again." .. but more directly to you, and don't use other mouth to say ..
so, be friendly and not.. "oohh good, I get a faint, not this again "
therewith do you place yourself alone in the off, because, an forum it is there for speaking
about and thinking with and not. "you pissed me on if you speak about further"
you piss around if you pissed like so further.. ..
it is negative and pissed some on the leg like an dog ..
Or want you also for i am pissed you on you leg ? (is certainly not a fine feeling )
best regards

If all you people would quit putting your own drama (even you did it several times in this thread) out there for everyone in the public to see with all your childish "so and so did this" and "so and so lied about that" crap, and blaming everything on everyone else but yourselves, then maybe no one would be telling you how sick of your shit they are.

Re: Action at Open-Mandriva again...

Posted: 13 Jan 2017, 16:49
by proyvind
For what it's worth, while blackcrack's English grammar obviously isn't the greatest (maybe you could start make post in german, with a link for included, it would help out a lot?), and obviously he has quite a lot of frustration and temper built up which he often doesn't the best at articulating or explaining in an objective enough way explaining the real issues, rather expressing his frustration and disgregard for the people responsible without the necesary insight required to not dismiss it as erratic personal blaming attacks..

Being involved with Mandrake Linux since 2001, I know very well of all the stuff blackcrack is unhappy with, these are also the same thing I share same dissatisfaction, and for those of us who's been involved with the distribution either as a user or helped building it up as a contributor, really gets the same frustration from seeing clueless rookies that in stead of trying to help support and collaborate with the existing project, rather hijacks it, refuses to accept help or any sort of collaboration, while abandoning so much of the legacy and what made it the well-regarded distribution it was.
A perfect example of this is how they chose to throw away all existing artwork/branding built up, decided to launch a new omv-cooker project in stead with OpenMandriva being a different distro project than the one based on the much better working cooker dating back all the way to 1999...
The association initially filled up with completely unknown rookies and took the liberties to make all decissions for us, decided that they'd rather start on a new project rather than continuing the one of ours which we had invested work on building up since 1999.
Further proof of this is how they changed their versioning scheme, where their latest was omv lx 3.0...

Even with the wikis, forums and mailing lists, in stead of migrating these to different servers, which they were provided with the data to do, they decided to create new and truly inferiour ones from scratch for which the amount of content and activity on are next to nothing, and everyone who was active on the older forums etc. despite of no longer using the distribution has moved on and no longer active in forums..

And for people's lack of tolerance towards blackcrack raising subjects on list complaining about issues, those should really not be considered as meaningless distractions, but rather things of importance that it's fortunately at least someone who is aware of and cares sufficiently about to try raise and address.

When they banned me from forums, abf etc., they used arguments about my posts wasting peoples' valuable time rather spent on development than being distractions, and you look how much sense and how that turned out...

1,5 year after, I've finally found the motivation and inspiration for dealing with and trying to sort this mess out again.. :)

Re: Action at Open-Mandriva again...

Posted: 15 Jan 2017, 12:13
by Blackcrack
hmm....... first ,
Hi Pr0yV1nD ! and the Others :)

yes, my grammar it is not the greatest and yes, the most be English-Nazi's and want not try to understand or see the more deepest
reasons why i write something or in which direction i have speak it, because they ignore fully the reason, why i post something
and try to help .. also if my English not the best, but i want help to make it better, because the one or the other have become with
to be some suggestions maybe better as the spoken English *bg* but some persons tricker only to the spelling errors :\
and this frustrating me so much.. and this is also the reason why i take me more and more back because i see, the most peoples be so superficial .

Or Programmers, they mean, only because i know how it works or can working , mus i can programming.. no, i am be a extended User,
this Users who was an Pirate who have see how at all starts and had a subscription of software and have help with, anno ~93
for give away software over Amiga and dosboxes with dos and Windows software and i was one of they are who had a first copy of win 3.1 in the hands from "mailboxes" and so on ..

and then, go to peoples who means " you have to write a correct english" and you have never learn a correct English, only from the net, great !

"all the stuff blackcrack is unhappy with"

i have use at first Suse 3.4 later Redhat 4/5 or something and have play around with it
later i was go to the Linuxday 2000 :
Image Image Image

so, Gaël was known and i had become someday Mandrake in the fingers.. so anno 1999 around
and have write on Gaël Duval over mail, because the Surface and the Linuxconf and his
version of configuration tools was easy better, an bit unwieldy but somehow better and have mail
us together.. on this time i was on the GNU/Linux-Forum from Tux (M.Ulrich) and have typed with others,
this was the time where short before of the changes of the german law of Forum's because 2 jears later
had Alex Parsimony and Mark give up the whole Forums..

so, i have also become with how have Mandrake started ..
and what for way have taken .. in form of software and behave ..
and have give at start one or other suggestion .. also i have wrote
the one or other Cooker on for suggestions and ideas .. the one and other oldy can remind self .. maybe..
so have i mostly feel over ftp and changes of Software what's going on and have become a feeling for
changes over ftp-updates and so on .. and i have become with the whole corruption and changes and making bad of the software before Mageia startet and have feel with.. and it was a really baaad feeling ! i can no more use my loved Mandriva, the most goes bad, no well working software anymore and so ... and so on.. all goes down the river .. and become worst and more worst ...
and then.. :\ do you see how i had feel me ?

"really gets the same frustration from seeing clueless rookies that in stead of trying to help support and collaborate with the existing project, rather hijacks it, refuses to accept help or any sort of collaboration, while abandoning so much of the legacy and what made it the well-regarded distribution it was."

jupp.. the "new and grate installer, instead the original and well rpm-from the ftp and nfs ans so on-installer
the real working, no, the squash-extraktor "piss on the plate" installer was taken ..
the installer what was take who was included where was all goes worst (in the last 2 years).

and they had hold this crappy installer up to the new calamares installer and... the calamares installer used they are still this f.. crap installer
(we want not use the installer from Mageia, We do not want to damage them, noooooo (this time where was Rafa as Chairman) he have do all to not damage Mageia in any case.. and have delete the truth about Mageia, Gael and the whole real truth without asking, easy because this f.. b.. was the chairman, up this point was me clear, OpenMandriva want be never this Mandrake was it was and this, whe whole trubles with Per Oryvin.... ooohhuh hold him outside.. ) if i thinking about again, become me really again angry ...

and then the Draketools okey, now be they are in c++ (QT) but they works not really like it should..
Proyvind, why the hack do you not start an LibreMandrake ? with Pinguins, not so childlike how it was,
make it more professional or maybe a well down straddle between "Tuxtux" and the Peguin-professionals like it was anno 2006 or something,
this was a really well way ..

reprogramming the Drakinstaller in clean c++ for easy maintining and build up an
LibreMandrake with an rpminstaller, where works really well in the old way how
was really pretty well, you know how i meant.

and then add some wizards in drakconf like subdomaincreator if apache installed
and so on.. and all also working in prompt .. and maybe a dialog like surface for all configuring... in terminal../ssh ..

"When they banned me from forums,"

the problem was Rafa and Mrs. Chef ..... and his friend Vanier + Bero and so on..
and have bring in TPG and RXu as reinforcement /amplification.

They want have his own way and want not have a discussion, no "we want make our way"
this was, what have predetermined as they have make a meeting in paris, yes, Rafa have linked the
Pictures into the first Mailinglist, f... i have saved not !! and on this point was the way predetermined
from OpenMandriva .
( ARM and and.. biiig Plans, because bero is an arm developer and what's now, 4 different ARM variants.. and the i586 want kill)

and now it is like it is, and now, to late, have Colin Close the Chair, to late for make big changes anymore,
because Bero, Tomaz and Robert hold strictly the way .. and bring the whole Distribution more and more to a QT related distribution..

and why be not many more Developer on "OpenMandriva" ? i guess, this question mus not answered ..

I'm so sorry colin like it is now.. and i know, you can only this do what you can do.. for hold the drake way .. because the "Man" is away..
i have the OpenMandriva 3.02 now on my server, but if it is give a "Libre Mandrake", i use this.

best regards

Re: Action at Open-Mandriva again...

Posted: 15 Jan 2017, 12:24
by viking60
Welcome back proyvind!

I think it may be to late. Openmandriva is of no particular significance these days and Mandriva's/Mandrake's glory days are gone.

Distros like Mageia,Centos and even Fedora are good replacements for RPM guys.

The rise and downfall of Mandriva is more or less (an interesting) history...We have both been a part of it (you more than I).

I have moved on to Arch and Arch derivatives like Manjaro and I see that other distinguished members of the Mandriva community have too.
Mandriva is one of the shoulders that the new communities stand on.

It is a good sign that Mandriva still can raise some enthusiasm and there still are supporters.

The question is if Mandriva is a footnote in the Linux history by now. :confused

Re: Action at Open-Mandriva again...

Posted: 15 Jan 2017, 12:43
by Blackcrack
Hi Viking,

no, it need only at first a rpminstaller, Draktools where can handle the Distriebution,

so it is possible for use Fedora and marry Draktools with them
for start, because fedora or redhat distriebution
it is and it was the base of Mandrake ..

and what you have moved, it is no matter in this case
and helps not really for thinking in Mandrake Style .. (not bad meant ;) )

footnote in the history by now, so why not..
but you don't know what it is in the future ..
unfortunately have i now making money and move my a.. up
now and have less time anymore for linux as so ..

proyvind, so let's hear ;)

best regards