OpenMandrivaMoondrake - some key figures

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OpenMandrivaMoondrake - some key figures

Postby viking60 » 23 May 2013, 15:46

I checked out my downloaded Moondrake with Rosa repos.
Boot time

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systemd-analyze blame

It resulted in this list:

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11.845s samba.service
         10.357s shorewall.service
         10.109s network.service
          8.921s mysqld.service
          7.058s NetworkManager.service
          5.096s upower.service
          3.906s udisksd.service
          3.753s wpa_supplicant.service
          3.251s plymouth-start.service
          3.041s NetworkManager-wait-online.service
          2.497s fedora-loadmodules.service
          2.218s partmon.service
          2.029s systemd-vconsole-setup.service
          1.934s cpupower.service
          1.798s systemd-logind.service
          1.782s mandriva-everytime.service
          1.752s preload.service
          1.725s saslauthd.service
          1.691s resolvconf.service
          1.672s sys-kernel-debug.mount
          1.668s hddtemp.service
          1.660s dev-mqueue.mount
          1.655s systemd-remount-fs.service
          1.651s dev-hugepages.mount
          1.627s tmp.mount
          1.570s iptables.service
          1.302s lm_sensors.service
          1.245s fedora-readonly.service
          1.022s polkit.service
           947ms nscd.service
           831ms systemd-udev-trigger.service
           761ms mandriva-save-dmesg.service
           696ms systemd-sysctl.service
           591ms msec.service
           535ms mandriva-kmsg-loglevel.service
           501ms ip6tables.service
           498ms acpid.service
           480ms systemd-udevd.service
           469ms systemd-fsck@dev-disk-by\x2duuid-bd050bc5\x2d8938\x2d4cd1\x2d8059\x2d272df6b69c9c.service
           376ms systemd-tmpfiles-setup.service
           356ms systemd-tmpfiles-setup-dev.service
           349ms alsa-restore.service
           288ms mandriva-boot-links.service
           267ms plymouth-read-write.service
           243ms mdmonitor.service
           227ms numlock.service
           224ms vboxadd-timesync.service
           194ms plymouth-quit-wait.service
           180ms systemd-tmpfiles-clean.service
           154ms systemd-user-sessions.service
           131ms systemd-update-utmp-runlevel.service
           107ms rtkit-daemon.service
            99ms bluetooth.service
            91ms systemd-journal-flush.service
            48ms plymouth-quit.service
            45ms home.mount
            33ms systemd-random-seed-load.service
            26ms dm.service
            17ms proc-sys-fs-binfmt_misc.mount
            14ms systemd-readahead-done.service
             9ms dev-disk-by\x2duuid-a4b9439e\x2d88a6\x2d4c93\x2db17c\x2d4465e8f549c1.swap

To analyze it further I did a:

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systemd-analyze critical-chain

It is a bit surpising that the shorewall.service is taking more than 10 seconds and since that is a security feature for chicken rather than berserks :berserkf I decided to disable it.

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sudo systemctl disable shorewall

and it behaved nicely and removed the symlink;

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rm '/etc/systemd/system/'

So by now my boot should have become 10 seconds faster.

I know the suspens is killing you, but hang in there....
And yes that did speed up things conciderably:

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systemd-analyze blame
          5.373s network.service
          2.878s mysqld.service
          1.662s NetworkManager-wait-online.service
          1.202s plymouth-start.service
          1.025s resolvconf.service
           986ms upower.service
           979ms mandriva-everytime.service
           971ms cpupower.service
           862ms plymouth-read-write.service
           824ms udisksd.service
           753ms wpa_supplicant.service
           726ms systemd-vconsole-setup.service
           702ms mandriva-save-dmesg.service
           699ms lm_sensors.service
           694ms fedora-loadmodules.service
           672ms mandriva-boot-links.service
           656ms partmon.service
           630ms systemd-sysctl.service
           544ms NetworkManager.service
           472ms preload.service
           430ms msec.service
           420ms iptables.service
           415ms polkit.service
           403ms systemd-remount-fs.service
           372ms sys-kernel-debug.mount
           359ms systemd-logind.service
           354ms dev-mqueue.mount
           304ms saslauthd.service
           297ms numlock.service
           288ms dev-hugepages.mount
           272ms tmp.mount
           270ms samba.service
           228ms dev-disk-by\x2duuid-a4b9439e\x2d88a6\x2d4c93\x2db17c\x2d4465e8f549c1.swap
           226ms systemd-tmpfiles-setup.service
           185ms systemd-fsck@dev-disk-by\x2duuid-bd050bc5\x2d8938\x2d4cd1\x2d8059\x2d272df6b69c9c.service
           182ms mandriva-kmsg-loglevel.service
           170ms hddtemp.service
           158ms vboxadd-timesync.service
           147ms systemd-tmpfiles-setup-dev.service
           140ms ip6tables.service
           139ms plymouth-quit-wait.service
           138ms acpid.service
           133ms fedora-readonly.service
           131ms systemd-user-sessions.service
           119ms systemd-udev-trigger.service
           116ms mdmonitor.service
           106ms nscd.service
           100ms plymouth-quit.service
            85ms dm.service
            80ms systemd-journal-flush.service
            47ms bluetooth.service
            25ms systemd-udevd.service
            21ms rtkit-daemon.service
            17ms home.mount
            12ms alsa-restore.service
             3ms systemd-update-utmp-runlevel.service
             2ms systemd-random-seed-load.service

So now you know +1

Now I wonder what mandriva-everytime.service is :think:
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Re: OpenMandrivaMoondrake - some key figures

Postby rolf » 23 May 2013, 16:49

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[rolf@localhost ~]$ urpmq -y everytime
No package named everytime
[rolf@localhost ~]$ urpmf everytime

Probably, that is the same thing.

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[rolf@localhost ~]$ less /etc/rc.d/init.d/mandrake_everytime
# Description: Launch diverses Mandriva Scripts on boot.
# (c) Mandriva, Chmouel Boudjnah <>
#       $Id$   

. /etc/rc.d/init.d/functions

[ -e /etc/sysconfig/system ] && . /etc/sysconfig/system

#Clean up Tmp.
if [ -n "$CLEAN_TMP" ] && [ "$CLEAN_TMP" -ge 1 ];then
        TEXPR="! -ctime -$CLEAN_TMP"
        echo -n "Clean-up /tmp directory: "
        cd /tmp && \
            find . -xdev -depth \
            $TEXPR \
            ! -name . \
            ! \( -name lost+found -uid 0 \) \
            ! \( -name quota.user -uid 0 \) \
            ! \( -name -uid 0 \) \
            -print | while read i; do [ -d "$i" ] && rmdir "$i" 2>/dev/null ; rm -f "$i" 2>/dev/null; done
        if [ "$?" = "0" ];then echo_success;else echo_failure;fi

# Globetrotter support:

That's from a long time ago, Chmouel. Looks like Harddrake and other system initialization processes are started with this.

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