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New Cell Phone, New OS

Posted: 25 Dec 2022, 21:37
by R_Head
I bought a Google Pixel 6+, factory unlocked. The cool thing is that Graphene OS is supported on this phone for the next 6 years, that is a nice stretch. Graphine OS is security centric, and has all the features tighter than a duck's ass. Is super barebones and spartan.

I was trying to login here and I totally forgot my password. Had to use my old phone to login and change it.

Graphene OS is free like any Linux Distro, easy to install.

The Camera on the phone is awesome but the software to do all sort of neat stuff is in the Google OS. The new OS is very basic on the phone.

On the WiFi. Graphene changes your MAC to a random address or use the real MAC from the device.