Sometimes people disgust me.

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Sometimes people disgust me.

Postby gnuuser » 24 Mar 2022, 23:53

All the "political correctness " today disgusts me so much anymore.
Everything ethnic, Everything gender orientation, Everything religion related is legally protected.

But the one thing that isn't is the rampant abuse of the one unprotected class of people.
The ones called nerds!
Anyone who shows any interest outside the common norms is targeted for abuse.
Some of it viciously cruel, emotionally, physically, and psychologically.
I see this all the time.
The people ( nerds ) are studying science and medicine and mathematics,
Leave them alone! They may be the one who discovers the cures for serious diseases, or develops the next great technology to protect the environment.
Yet when I once mentioned this to a boss I was asked what did I do to provoke them?

It's no damn wonder why some of us end up taking a violent approach.
On old farmer once told me "if you want the jackass to work ,hit him between the eyes with a 2x4 cuz you need to get his attention first"!
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Re: Sometimes people disgust me.

Postby R_Head » 28 Sep 2022, 16:55

Is a way to divide an conquer. Is all about making people disagree with each other, destroy all societies, make them homogeneous. People are so zombified that they cannot see beyond their noses.

They all got played with their feelings.

For example, a lot of people hate Trump because they were instructed to do so. Does not matter how many good things he did, the haters are just focus in hating.

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