One for viking60

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One for viking60

Postby dedanna1029 » 04 Sep 2023, 00:50

I don't remember where, but I do remember viking at one point posting about the spying in Norway, and how bad it's become. You'll need to get a subscription to this, but it's well worth it. I've found a ton of interesting stuff at 1843 (and you can only subscribe to 1843 at The Economist, the subscription is free).

1843 Magazine: The Norwegian town where anyone might be a spy

Again, it's well worth subscribing to 1843.
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Re: One for viking60

Postby viking60 » 15 Sep 2023, 15:06

Well Kirkenes is right on the Russian border and full off Russian spies. Other spies as well to spy on the Russian spies etc.
It happens in wars.

And Russia has started a war in Europe so lots of spy and propaganda time is to be expected.
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Re: One for viking60

Postby Blackcrack » 17 Sep 2023, 07:44

Putin had meant, it's easy to become ukrain "Bro's" as Land"Plugin".. it was a fail,
he have not see to be grow up to a democratian/Commerce Scorpion, because he was blind..
and pling' he have become now a sting.. and he have now a fad hand..
i hope it hurts strong... hmmm.. let us see how long the commerce war runs...
because this is a big fad business and no one whant loss money .. and more helps from germany ,
more commerce is on the way, more owes the helped side ;) so, becomes Ucrain a strong partner later, because they open for new ways and helps derwith the evolution.. Russien be like a old Boy, make only what knows and has works.. nothing news.. Ukrain, is open for new Technicans, commerce, English Language(so internet(global)lang) and so on....

i guess, this is the hint of the whole.. why the War not will so fast end ... so.. have a look on it in the next years ..


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