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Re: Covid-19

Postby Blackcrack » 12 Sep 2022, 04:59

please a link for explain .. Dr. Fausi and NHI

me too, " heart condition, diabetes" .. had water in the lung before the sleep at the night and before had start my feet's downside near the toes, it feel like sand with hurt because a not good Blood circulation what's slow recovering now .. .. the water in the lung was behind 3 days medicaments away .. in the hospital last Year .. At the starting to sleep. short before the sleep i had a feel, and notice i am to be not more correcly breath.. at this step, was for me enough and i have call the ambulance for take me with to the hospital... (because the parking space is to expensive and i have skimp the money of it.. pffhh.. f.. expensive) ... imho covit it's like Rat poison who is spread in the air .. imho like a Military bullet who is self engined by human.. at any breath.. hmmm...
could be like "developed by Sadam out of the hell" and guided by the doctors.. who can live and who can die'd .. he who must die, is the rat ..

question: what is with afganistan and the mostly of the Muslemic lands.. and the Vaccines ?

war of data was yesterday, but what is now ? if we spin the matter further ..
because... why is Covit developed ? Overpopulation, silence war, two powerful arguments


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Re: Covid-19

Postby gnuuser » 12 Sep 2022, 11:55

Overpopulation is a vehicle for many virus contagions, misinformation and misconception is a booster rocket added to the vehicle.
So when the foolish add politics and paranoia to stir the pot, it makes for a lethal witches brew to unleash on the world.

Overcrowding always pushes the risk of rampant disease occurances to a much higher degree.
Humans have the innate urge to gather and socialize. And quite often out of insecurity stay close( a highly developed herd instinct). And because of close proximity diseases can readily spread from one to another exponentially.
Living in rural areas you are not exposed as readily and if you self isolate your risk drops dramatically.

Paranoia is a two edged sword, you must be careful to sift out information to know what is good and what is harmful.
Naturally we are able to do this rationally if were are not bombarded with false propoganda.

Religion is a very touchy subject, when one has his/her beliefs and they are comfortable with them its natural to talk about it.
But when zealosy appears it becomes a crusade to convert everyone to their rigid beliefs.
Here we see a form of propoganda ( emotional control)
Talk about brotherhood, fellowship, and community.
Then comes the guidelines( rules and regulation and community punishment for noncompliance of the simplest matters)
Its all about control, not so much control of people but control of their resources ( wealth) and in some cases, sexual control.

Politics that another cauldron of poison, Propganda is their weapon of choice to control their own population.
And again its the people who have to sort out the difference between gold and the dung.
Sometimes its easy and sometimes its damn difficult.
Some of us are fed up enough to want to take all of our current politicians a couple hundred miles out to sea and dump them like the trash they've become.

Ahh but enough of my dark rambling, i need to go build some radios or cabinets to get my mind out of this isolation fugue.
Best regards my friends.
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