A good ham radio

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A good ham radio

Postby Davidsherer321 » 02 Jun 2021, 12:50

For many years I have wanted to get into ham radios but now I finally plan on doing it. I do not have too high of a budget but I want to be able to play around a bit. Ultimately my goal is to contact HF frequencies as well as use CW on a regular basis. However, I plan on only starting out with the Technicians License here in the USA, so maybe HF is not a necessary specification. Anything under $100 should do for me. Thanks!

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Re: A good ham radio

Postby Cameronpeterson » 02 Jun 2021, 13:24

I've had my license for a while, but haven't used it. I have a Yaesu FT-65R, and I was wondering if there was a comparable ham radio, +-$100. One day I'll consider buying a more expensive handheld ham radio, but for now I want several cheaper ones. I've come across several $100 radios on Amazon. The reviews on https://www.whollyoutdoor.com/ seem to indicate that a very good buying guide for me.
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Re: A good ham radio

Postby Shaynesherman » 02 Jun 2021, 13:26

Ham seems a lot more complicated than it needs to be. Which is why so many preppers have questions about whether they need to get a license (yes, you should), signal ranges, comparisons to CB/FRS/MURS, and so on.

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Re: A good ham radio

Postby R_Head » 04 Jun 2021, 02:32

I got me some Baofeng UV-5RMK4 radios, handheld and programable with Linux CHIRP application. They have about 4 mile range with a Nagoya NA-701C tuned to 155/455MHz Dual Band.

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Re: A good ham radio

Postby gnuuser » 09 Jun 2021, 01:05

there are also numerous kits for qrp hf radios you can build but bear in mind antenna construction and matching is crucial to performance.
4sqrp group has some neat kits and are super easy to build.
here is there site:
I kit out the ozark patrol receiver and provide some instruction on it.
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