What are you watching right now?

Everything about it! Heard the news? What! is Ubuntu bankrupt? Has Mandriva started marketing? Have you taken a sky diving course?
We just need to know! No flaming! And we hate spammers -Get it?

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Re: What are you watching right now?

Postby dedanna1029 » 06 Jan 2019, 02:08

Rush Hour!
A hysterical classic!
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Re: What are you watching right now?

Postby R_Head » 09 Jan 2019, 00:42

I saw 2 movies that is not even worth the time, rather have Root Canal done.

Supertroopers 2 and The Interview. I spend most of the time browsing on my phone.

You might ask, why watching them? The wife wanted to watch Supertroopers 2 and fell asleep and since I was half way, why not, the phone kept me busy. The Interview, we were watching The Millers and was after that one. Again, my attention was on my phone, reading news and other things, became backgrownd noise. I was not paying a lot of attention and the plot was too easy to follow. Plus I cooked some, did laundry...

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