fire police

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fire police

Postby gnuuser » 16 Apr 2018, 04:23

Our fire police are generally treated with respect most of the time. but sometimes we are treated like sh!t even by some of the other guys in the department.

we are there as the first line of defence to protect the police officers and fire-fighters, and ems by controlling traffic.
we are the last to leave a scene after it is cleared. we are out there in all types of weather, all hours of the night or day
many of us are older personnel who for medical reasons cannot participate in interior fire fighting. yet many of us would like to!
people often wonder why some of us are bitter,

when you have to put up with abuse from members of your own department, or by motorist's who constantly label you as wannabe cop.
(drunk, distracted, disruptive, disdainful, and dumb) are the 5 d's we have to deal with
when you are bombarded with abuse by people who do not comprehend the laws we have to abide by (even if they are in your own department),
being last in line for training or safety gear.
the laws we have to abide by are stricter than what the public has to!

If the fire police aren't there that means a fire fighter has to man that place to direct traffic, or a police officer has to do it and cant investigate the scene,
and ems personnel can expect delays in getting to the scene.
all that means someone could die or their home could burn down for not enough personnel

yet many fire fighter forums say we are worthless and tell us we should not be allowed to run lights or sirens!

sorry for the rant just a bit P!$$ed at peoples attitudes
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Re: fire police

Postby viking60 » 21 Apr 2018, 03:49

It is the bicycle syndrome. Bow the head upwards and kick downwards. It is generally a sign of low confidence and lots of complexes.
So just ignore those small people.... blowing steam seems to work too.. :berserk2 :berserkf
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