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Issues installing Fedora to netbook

Posted: 17 Feb 2012, 00:37
by dedanna1029
I have a thread on the partitioning phase of installing Fedora to the netbook, but can't grab the link to it right now. I'm on my phone.

A couple of issues have arisen since I got it installed, and I'm attempting a second installation right now. The first issue was the system could not find systemd on first boot - said "No such file or directory", which presented issues afterwards in the boot process. Next, it would hang at Loading initial ramdisk (I left it there for over an hour, believe me, it was hung there). When it finally got to where it would boot beyond that due to multiple attempts at booting, it would still hang at other points in boot, one being right after the "assuming drive write-through cache", and then at another random point.

Part of the problem, if not all of it, was systemd missing, plus Fedora auto-installed the PAE kernel, which I believe to be the wrong one - this thing needs the regular kernel.

On this second attempt at a fresh installation, I could not find ANYWHERE in custom installation to load a different kernel. I went through every single package offered, all the subsections too, and couldn't find it. It is possible that I didn't see it because of my sight, which has progressively gotten worse, but what worries me, is if the choice ISN'T there to pick what kernel we want to install in Fedora, then this speaks badly for Fedora.

Could someone please check to see if they can find it via custom package installation?

If it really isn't there, is there a way that after the installation, I could get it and systemd installed maybe from tty or something? I don't know if I'm booting far enough in to be able to or not. I haven't been able to reach a tty prompt yet. However, the Fedora packages are on a usb stick, I'm thinking there must be a roundabout way to? Can anyone answer this?

Thanks so much, and please forgive typos from my phone.

Re: Issues installing Fedora to netbook

Posted: 17 Feb 2012, 01:01
by viking60
Do you have the specs for "this thing"? ... _Fedora.3F

Re: Issues installing Fedora to netbook

Posted: 17 Feb 2012, 03:33
by dedanna1029
Depends on what we're talking here. CPU speed and RAM, there's well more than enough. The graphics is just your standard Intel graphics accelerator. Here it is again, and it's also something we discussed here.

To confirm what there is, from Windows, here you go:


TBH, I'm seriously suspecting grub2, or some other funky things that have been changed.

At any rate, it's a wash. I gave it another try today, and it borked again - won't boot.

What are the odds that I have a netbook that's got that linux certification issue? This thing's under a year old.

At any rate, I think I am going to take up on your advice and go Linux Mint 12. My networking tutor has it on his lappy, and loves it. Thanks.