Best 10 CRM Companies

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Best 10 CRM Companies

Postby viking60 » 28 Oct 2017, 14:05

Gartner Magic Quadrant Report do evaluate the best Customer Relationship Management companies every year.

The clear winner was Salesforce

The company earned top marks for its “completeness of vision” and “ability to execute.”

Pega is a clear no 2.

Microsoft is no. 3 and needs to work on the "completenes of vision" but does score well in the "ability to execute".

Oracle is in an identical position compared to Microsoft and only close behind in the 4th place.

Zendesk is no. 5

SAP is in 6th place and only OK in the ability to execute while far behind all the above in completeness of vision.

Lithium is no 7 and is strategically working together with Microsoft in the CRM area.

Freshdesk is no 8

Crmnext is no 9


Sugarcrm completes the top 10 list. Sugarcrm used to be open source but this version has been canceled and will only receive patches.
The marketing does contain a lot of negativity about Salesforce (the no. 1 CRM in the test) which is referred to as "dysfunctional". Some energy is spent to present the "hidden costs of Salesforce".

This kind of marketing is known to be counter productive in some cases.
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