Windows Tab market share is growing

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Windows Tab market share is growing

Postby viking60 » 27 Nov 2015, 13:12

Microsoft has a Tab concept that really is a laptop where you can remove the screen and use it as a tab. This Tab is now growing and closing in on Apple.
Both Apple and Microsoft are way behind Android though.
Consulting firms predict that the WinTab will grow further.
This could be Microsoft making news about themselves since Winbeta probably is MS controlled, but the reference to that report may still be valid.

The Market share for the Windows Tab has been growing after a slow start so the trend is there.

Some caution may be in order since Microsoft also has a history of ordering reports and see to that they are leaked as a strategic mean; like the leak to Fokus that "showed" that Windows would have been cheaper than Linux in Munich.
This was not the case and there were presumptions that were unrealistic: like not calculating Windows cost but use XP as if it did not have to be changed.

More here
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Re: Windows Tab market share is growing

Postby R_Head » 27 Nov 2015, 16:02

I love this report... I read another one about not selling, too expensive for what they are. You can get a really nice Galaxy Pro 10.1 with a Keyboard that does the same as MS for half the price.

MS is notorious for fudging sales numbers, ask Nokia. :lol:

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Re: Windows Tab market share is growing

Postby mariad » 15 Sep 2017, 16:14

Very informative and interesting report. I must share it in my social circle.

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