Google the most attractive employer in the world - again

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Google the most attractive employer in the world - again

Postby viking60 » 20 Sep 2012, 10:48

ImageStudents and career seekers have rated Google the most attractive employer for the third year in a row. In a market with lots of unemployment, the the competition for bright heads is tough. And Google will have the least problems in recruiting them.
In the latter years we have seen dramatic changes and these are the trends:

    1. The automotive industry is becoming increasingly popular
    2. Oil, gas and energy attracts engineering students
    3. Management Consulting rise in the Business index.
    4. Students want an international career
    5. More media is consumed

American global companies are dominating the list with 28 companies on the economy list and 26 on the technology list, but German companies are also well represented with 6 on the economy list and 8 on the technology list (top 50).

This division is getting blurred though: Finance institutions like JP Morgan, Goldman Sachs and Morgen Stanley are getting increasingly popular with technology students, and the more traditional IT companies like Apple, Intel and IBM are very attractive among the Business students.

1 Google
3 Procter & Gamble
4 Microsoft
5 Deloitte
6 Ernst & Young
7 PwC 7
8 J.P. Morgan
9 The Coca-Cola Company
10 Goldman Sachs
1 Google
3 Microsoft
5 Intel
6 General Electric
7 Siemens
8 Apple
9 Sony
10 Procter & Gamble

What is somewhat surprising is that Apple is less popular as an Employer than most of the fellow tech companies like Google, IBM, Microsoft and Intel. This is surprising considering the many fans that Apple has and who defend their products regardless of the quality and price. It looks like these fans are mostly on the outside. Apple did not make it to the top 10 Business list and they are on a disappointing 8th place on the Engineering list, also beaten by Siemens.
BMW is no 1 employer in the car industry on the 4th place followed by VW on 12th place and General Motors, Ford and Toyota on 15th 17th and 18th place on the list. Daimler is surprisingly low with a 24th place here.

So there you have it people: Google it is - get your Applications ready.

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Re: Google the most attractive employer in the world - again

Postby R_Head » 20 Sep 2012, 12:31

I imagine that working for Apple is like working on one of those fashion designer places. Arrogant-Ungrateful-Superfluous people.

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