Microsoft Reports Record Third-Quarter Revenue

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Microsoft Reports Record Third-Quarter Revenue

Postby viking60 » 20 Apr 2012, 18:58

ImageMicrosoft is reporting record revenue for the third quarter. They are doing very well in the desktop market on the corporate side.
The quarterly revenue is $17.41 billion and that represents a growth of 6% in comparison to last year. This is an impressive result, but the growth is mainly explained by the growth in the corporate PC market which has increased by 8 %. In the consumer market Windows sales are stagnating. Xbox is reduced by 16,5 % and making losses.
"Server and tools" are growing with 14,1 percent. This must be disturbing for RedHat, but they have had a fantastic growth too

Microsofts most important product is Office («Business Division»). This is the biggest division and produces 59,1 % of Microsofts total revenue.
Microsoft is losing money on the cloud but results are improving so they are content with it.
It is not clear in which division they putt the taxation of other successful companies.

It looks like a tendency here where Microsoft is loosing the grip on the consumer market (Xbox and Windows), but (more than) compensating in the corporate market.
With Windows 8 being the next big thing this is strange - clearly that must be meant for the private market?
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