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World greatest place to work - top 25

Postby viking60 » 31 Oct 2011, 12:23

The greatest place to work has published the 25 best global companies to work in:
1. Microsoft

2. SAS

3. NetApp

4. Google

5. FedEx Express

6. Cisco

7. Marriott

8. McDonald's

9. Kimberly-Clark

10. SC Johnson

11. Diageo

12. American Express

13. Medtronic

14. Intel

15. Hilti

16. 3M

17. Telefónica

18. National Instruments

19. Mars

20. Accenture

21. Roche

22. Novo Nordisk

23. The Coca-Cola Company

24. Atento

25. Quintiles

Regarding SAS I find that hard to believe - they strike every spring and are famous for it. Regarding no 1.
I am surprised, but credit has to be given where credit is due. +1
I just read the motivation. Microsoft was awarded the top spot due to the "Unique best people practice"
Where they give all employees 40 paid hours per year to engage in Volunteer work.
Somehow I do not think they are allowed to engage in volunteer Linux work :mrgreen: And I suspect that a lot of it is IT related involving MS products. This is a Microsoft marketing strategy - and here it has worked. But I think the motivation says very little about the working conditions of the employees while working for Microsoft.
Also the charity comes in handy when launching dirtpacks
It is supposed to make it harder to criticize MS, and that is hardly surprising to Microsoft.
Now this is fine as long as it does any good - but it is wrong when marketing is camouflaged as charity.
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