The mobile phone market right now

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The mobile phone market right now

Postby viking60 » 29 Sep 2011, 10:00

ImageLinux Android is the biggest and also the fastest growing OS in the US in the last three months.
RIM's Blackberry is going down from 18 to 9 % in the last three months.
And it is kind of interesting that "Others" lose market shares too. But this category would contain both HP and MS so it is hard to read anything in to it.
In the US 43% of all mobile phone owners have a smartphone. In the last 3 months 56% of the buyers decided to buy a smartphone. So the trend towards smartphones is clear.
In terms of privacy it is a dumbphone or more precisely: an EvilPhone! (I just have to bring that up wherever I can +1)
Apples share is expected to grow in October when iPhone 5 is released.
It is interesting to see that Apples market share is totally constant so far and that the growth of Android is coming from Blackberry and Others.
These are August figures and given the time needed to process the data, that qualifies as "right now"
Nokia to let of 3500 employees in Germany and mainly Romania where they will be closing a factory. The company has presented dramatic figures the whole year, and this is yet another round of let offs. These let offs come on top of the 4000 that were announced in April.
Nokia will also be "evaluating" production sites in Finland, Hungary and Mexico.
So far it is safe to say that the Win7 smartphone cooperation with MS has not been a success. And production costs are lower in Asia
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