Facebook blocks links to competition

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Facebook blocks links to competition

Postby viking60 » 09 Nov 2015, 16:20

Facebook wants to be alone and will not let you share content that contains links to the unknown competitor tsu.
But, what if you're not for sale? What in the world does King Mark do if you have something really great, that has millions of users around the globe buzzing about its potential as being a "game-changer," and he can't have it? Simple. He blocks you.

1.5 Billion people use Facebook so being blocked there makes a difference these days.
Being blocked from Facebook in this day and age is the equivalent of being kicked off AT&T in the mid 70s. Which, if it happened, could create some problems.

Some heavy duty competition may be just what the doctor ordered though. It is preferable that Mark Zuckerberg stands on his head for us - not the other way around.

It is Ironic that you can "Like" tsu on facebook according to their links though.

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Re: Facebook blocks links to competition

Postby dedanna1029 » 09 Nov 2015, 17:12

Haha. Tsu isn't completely beat by Facebook though. In light of the block, a lot of people are starting groups in support of Tsu. :)
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Re: Facebook blocks links to competition

Postby mariad » 04 Dec 2017, 14:40

As far as I know, Facebook doesn't blocks and competition but yes if someone trying to do spamming there then they definitely kick you out.

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