Handy way to install Arch

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Handy way to install Arch

Postby dedanna1029 » 27 Aug 2021, 16:10

Video here, using Archfi

Make absolute sure to read here.

Should make things much more simple for people to install! :)
Oh, and it is EFI, not EIF like he says LOL.
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Re: Handy way to install Arch

Postby Blackcrack » 28 Aug 2021, 05:27

this script use "dialog" , there existent also "xdialog" for x-server, but this script is handy, no question :)
like in the past the redhat "setup" and Mandrake installer over disk's and network

make "man dialog" or dialog --help


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Re: Handy way to install Arch

Postby viking60 » 14 Oct 2021, 12:37

Looks handy.

I tend to stick to the Wiki but these scripts that make life easier are a good thing.
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