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EU: Apple ordered to pay $14,5 Billion in Taxes

Posted: 31 Aug 2016, 07:58
by viking60
The European Commission has ordered Apple to pay $14,5 Billion in Taxes to Ireland.
Ireland granted illegal tax benefits to Apple, which enabled it to pay substantially less tax than other businesses over many years,” said Competition Commission Margrethe Vestager, whose crackdown on mainly U.S. multinationals has angered Washington which accuses Brussels of protectionism.

The reason is that Apple has channeled all their business to Ireland because they were only paying between 0,005% and 1 % taxes there.

Now this is less than other companies pay so it has given Apple an illegal advantage according to the EU Commision.

Apple and Ireland disagree so they will appeal to the EU courts.
The European Commission has launched an effort to rewrite Apple’s history in Europe, ignore Ireland’s tax laws and upend the international tax system in the process. The Commission’s case is not about how much Apple pays in taxes, it’s about which government collects the money. It will have a profound and harmful effect on investment and job creation in Europe.

Ireland has become the home of many headquarters for international companies due to the beneficial tax regulations.
This should create jobs but it has also lead to "empty" HQ's for tax reasons.

While Apple has been heavily criticised for not paying taxes in the US; the US is supporting Apple in this case. Once Apple has payed taxes in Europe they cannot pay double taxes to the US.

The EU commision cannot accept tax havens at the expense of other EU countries so they must assure that the conditions are approximately the same to keep a fair competition.

There are several interesting aspects with this case. It is interesting to see where the line is drawn between the Irish national interest and the EU interests and also where to draw the Line between taxes to the EU or the US. There seems to be different views on that point in the US and the EU.

Or maybe the US should not have messed with VW?

The fine would represent about 6 % of Apples cash pile.

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Re: EU: Apple ordered to pay $14,5 Billion in Taxes

Posted: 31 Aug 2016, 13:07
by R_Head
WW3 is here... is a financial war. Yes, the EPA/CARB debacle was a hit at VW to knock them off as the world #1 car manufacturer and to f-u-c-k with the EU. Let us face it, the US wants the Euro to buckle like a lawn chair and is doing whatever it takes to do it.

Re: EU: Apple ordered to pay $14,5 Billion in Taxes

Posted: 31 Aug 2016, 13:41
by viking60
Looks like they are willing to go pretty far since they have been spying on the EU. That is pretty hostile..among friends...

Re: EU: Apple ordered to pay $14,5 Billion in Taxes

Posted: 01 Sep 2016, 11:54
by R_Head
I know... spying, messing with the economy via Russian sanctions... If you step back for a few meters and see the big picture, you will noticed that we have some to do with every event. :think:

The US has been slowly hijacked by globalists. It happen in such a slow and gradual way, that has been sneaking in front of everybody's face, unnoticed....