Apple is granted remote control camera patent

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Apple is granted remote control camera patent

Postby viking60 » 29 Jun 2016, 14:50

Apple has filed for a patent for blocking the camera a long time ago.

Concerts etc can be blocked by setting up an infrared signal that sends data to the Apple phone and activates the disabling of the camera.

These infrared streams can also contain data streams so that you can get info about objects in a museum if they have placed an infrared sender there with the info.

I wonder if those infrared blockers come in a handheld edition so that I can block everything here :think:

It is hard to see how Apple intends to sell more iPhones with reduced functionality - where is the market? It is not in the private sector but maybe the public one is willing to pay a lot for it.

More here
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Re: Apple is granted remote control camera patent

Postby R_Head » 30 Jun 2016, 02:01

Oh wow... a patent for a backdoor. Nicely done Apple !! :s

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