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Error 56

Posted: 22 May 2016, 11:17
by viking60
Owners of the iPad Pro (9,7 inches) should not update with Apple's iOS 9.3.2 "update and fix" release.
This update can crash your iPad Pro and leave you with the message "error 56" - which means that your hardware is bricked.

In this case you should do nothing further and contact Apple support.
We’re looking into a small number of reports that some iPad units are receiving an error when updating the software. Those unable to restore their device through iTunes should contact Apple support

Rest assured: Apple is "working on it".

Even the loyal Apple fans are getting annoyed over the Apple updates lately and are expressing it in the commenting fields on Apple sites.

One particular answer to this stands out:
Shhhh. This is a place of meditation. To adore Apple, pray for Tim Cook, idolize Apple Stock, and glorify Apple devices

:lolup :B
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