Pegatron: An Apple success story?

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Pegatron: An Apple success story?

Postby viking60 » 07 Sep 2015, 22:52

Apple did get some heavy criticism some time ago regarding working conditions in the factories producing their hardware.

So they made a set of rules and requirements that all suppliers had to follow and they would control it....

Sounds nice and those rules and promises are broken on a daily basis.

The company Pegatron is making Apple these days and they have 12 hour involuntary shifts. Workers are so tired that they fall asleep on the production line.

Meetings are after work hours and they are unpaid for. So there are examples of working hours from 8 AM to 01 AM.. the next day!

I just watched a documentary where the journalists infiltrated Pegatron and got work there. They discovered choking conditions and those conditions had been reported to Apple!

Apple simply disagrees with the BBC report and accused the BBC of misreporting the facts.

When the people were recruited for the work their ID's were taken, and in China you cannot even buy a train ticket without it.

Apple promised that this would not happen - but it does. So this has been known for a while now but I watched the documentary today and it appears that animals are treated better in a Zoo.

The entire supply chain of Apples products are infested with dangerous and intolerable working conditions.

Sure this is China so we cannot measure by our standards, but there is a limit to how you can treat human beings. Apple has recognized this on Paper - but not in the real world.

And Apple is profiting from this - big time. If they had done this to American workers the entire management would be in Jail. As it is now; this is a huge financial success.

The journalist that discovered this did get an appointment with the Apple bosses but they refused to make an interview - but they promised to investigate the findings.

So much for openness...

Apple states that nobody does more than them to secure decent working conditions, as their paper standards show.
Those papers do not enforce anything though - Apple has to live by them and there it seems to be a lack of enthusiasm.

I have not heard of similar stories with Samsung.

Here is the report showing that the BBC cannot have misreported the facts that much....

It would appear that to be a genius you shouldn't buy Apple products...
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