Brother DCP 1610W/ DCP 1612W

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Brother DCP 1610W/ DCP 1612W

Postby viking60 » 23 Oct 2018, 14:51

I got tired of paying for ink on my old printers so I bought a Laser Printer.
Brother had a cheap one that looked good (price of three Ink cartridges :berserk2 ) so I bought it.

I found the drivers in AUR so it was no problem to find it and set it up in CUPS in my Manjaro. :smug

BUT I could not scan and I could not find the drivers on the Brother site :wall:

So time to go berserk and install all of them to find out if some work with my printer/scanner.

Long story but short conclusion:
The one that works is brscan4 in AUR

You will find it with

Code: Select all

yaourt brscan
and it works just fine even if Brother DCP 1610W etc is not specified. :jackpot

Just fire up Xsane from your menu and start scanning :tux5:

For deb and rpm distros the drivers should be easy to find and install...
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