Time to replace/combine my HDD with SSD

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Time to replace/combine my HDD with SSD

Postby viking60 » 02 Feb 2018, 11:23

My Tower PC is getting old.
When I bought it I bought the top gaming computer so that I could keep the PC for years and years - and I have.

The disk has been keeping up fine all these years but U had to replace the Power supply on account of a lightening storm.

I like the idea of simply replacing the components but still the CPU is getting old and it is an Intel Quad core i7 (which is vulnerable these days and not likely to be fixed and patch as good as the newer ones).

So I am thinking of starting over with a new computer with AMD CPU... :think:

But the computer still works fine so it might be sensible to simply replace (or combine) the HDD...with something faster...

That would be SSD (Solid State Drive).
Before Spectre and Meltdown there was no question that these drives would be significantly faster. They also have become more solid so you can write and read a lot more now without wearing them down. Some of them come with 10 year warrant so they might be even better than regular HDD's now.

Now I need to replace those good old HD's so I will need an SSD drive that can connect with SATA.

This is not a problem even if SATA will not be able to exploit the capabilities of the SSD technology to 100%.

It will be way faster though according to all the tests...

And there is the question of how well they will play along with Linux sine everybody seems to be testing with Windows...

I am looking at two options right now:

Samsung 860 evo
and WD Blue

Samsung seems to be faster but WD is cheaper and not that far off.

Then there is the posibility of buying a smaller SSD to hold the OS and place my /Home on the regular HD that should give me the speed benefit too and cost a lot less...
Does anyone have experience with this?
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Re: Time to replace/combine my HDD with SSD

Postby R_Head » 02 Feb 2018, 13:20

I still have a Dell Precission 490. Is like 2006/7 vintage. Still runs pretty darn good. The dual Xeons runs like a champ. Still have a couple more years on the good old gal :mrgreen:

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