Apple charger in bathtub is deadly

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Apple charger in bathtub is deadly

Postby viking60 » 21 Mar 2017, 10:29

Richard Bull (32) charged his iPhone while taking a bath.
He had the charger on his chest and when it made contact with the water - he died!


The coroner has writtn a report to Apple urging them to put out a warning for the product, but so far Apple has not done it.

So we ar going to beat them to it - in case you did not know:

Don't charge your iPhone in the bathtub!

:think: In fact don't put any electrical component in the bathtub..while you are in it... :hand:

More here
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Re: Apple charger in bathtub is deadly

Postby R_Head » 21 Mar 2017, 20:29

No excuse on stupidity... the moron deserve a Darwin Award and a big thank you for removing himself from the gene pool. Sorry Apple, you lost a Fanboy :lol:

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