The worlds largest USB dongle

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The worlds largest USB dongle

Postby viking60 » 05 Jan 2017, 08:26

Portable USB dongles fit in your pocket and can have considerable space for movies or operating systems.
Now there is a USB dongle that has more capacity than your entire laptop!

2 Terra Bytes is a lot and it is called DataTraveler Ultimate GT.

It uses the fast USB 3.1 technology so this thing will be fast enough.

This flash drive is not out yet and neither is the price.
DataTraveler Ultimate GT will be out in February:

More here
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Re: The worlds largest USB dongle

Postby R_Head » 05 Jan 2017, 19:09

My son and I were discussing that. We were wondering about data degradation. I have some smaller drives (1 GB and less) that retained data for over 6 years.

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