Fingerprint to unlock your phone is dangerous

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Fingerprint to unlock your phone is dangerous

Postby viking60 » 24 Apr 2015, 13:29

ImageAs we have seen there are no boundaries to what our governments feel entitled to.
They certainly see everything that is on your smartphone as something they can monitor and save to their liking.
For this reason we have warned time and again against using the smartphone for important data:

Then the "safety feature" of fingerprints came along and made the picture complete. Simply unlock your phone with your fingerprint as ID - what could be safer?

Well we have warned against that too.
Don't buy any smartphones with fingerprint login .- those fingerprints will be saved on American servers faster than you can spell Edward Snowden.

Fingerprints is the last puzzle to treat everybody as suspected criminals.

Given the now known fact that the government is gathering and storing data from your smartphone you are now duly registered with fingerprints and all - just like a suspected criminal....

Naturally the smartphone companies swear that it is safe and those prints will be saved in an unbreakable place etc.

This is all wrong of course and now it is proven wrong too:

According to the BBC your Android phone can be hacked to expose your fingerprint before it is saved in that sure place - and this goes for other phones too. So you might be sharing your fingerprints with others than the government.

:S Just don't save your fingerprints on the smartphone!

...It is like taking a crap with the door open - you don't want to share that with everybody even if it is not wrong...

More here
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Re: Fingerprint to unlock your phone is dangerous

Postby R_Head » 24 Apr 2015, 14:09

Samsung has the S Health, my advice, take the crap off. Mine is deactivated. Your health is your concern, not the cloud.

That info can be used for many other things, can also and perhaps nobody have thought about it or nit saying, but unique metrics can be used as identifiers. That mosaic of telemetry can be used just like a fingerprint including the Geo Location.

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