Raspberry pi - the fastest selling British computer

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Raspberry pi - the fastest selling British computer

Postby viking60 » 18 Feb 2015, 16:07

Raspberry Pi is the fastes selling British computer maybe with the exeption for the good old Amstrad in the 80'ies

They have sold over 5 million, and the good thing is that since they are a non profit organisation they now have a ton of money to train teachers and fulfill the main target of Raspberry Pi; Education.

It will be able to run Windows 10 since Microsoft has been cooperating closely with Raspberry Pi and they will make Windows10 free for developers.
You will have to accept the prison entry conditions and register on their site first though.

It may be questionable for the education purpose to go for proprietary software because you never know when they want to make money on it again.

In any case I highly doubt that Win10 will be as good on it as Linux.
The internet of things is Linux driven - in this arena Microsoft is the novice.

It is a good thing that most OS'es are available for this little computer though It is about to step out of the Geek territory and become mainstream.

I have installed Alarm on mine and it works like a charm now.
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