Where to buy Linux laptops?

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Where to buy Linux laptops?

Postby viking60 » 04 Nov 2018, 11:42

Tired of fiddling with Windows laptops trying to install Linux on them? :boohoo: Not a nerd so you would not even know how to start going about that?

Well that is the problem because Microsoft and Apple have decided that their systems are the only options that should be offered.

This has been a success story for them but there are Hardware manufactures that do offer Laptops with pure Linux :s

That is not a self evident thing if you want to try out Linux. You hear the geeks talking about X and systemd and notice that they do so with a lot of passion and temper...and you don't even know what those are right?

Some people have a life with girlfriends, wives cars and sports and they are pretty much incompatible with fiddling under the hood of your laptop...

You simply need a computer to do the job like you need your car to drive and you don't need or want to be a mechanic for that right?

Linux is stable fast and secure (compared to Windows) and now you can simply buy it installed and set up on your Laptop.

Have a look at StationX they offer pretty much every Linux distro out there and you can buy it turn it on and start using it!

Manjaro is the most popular on distrowatch atm and would be an excelent choice but if you prefer Mint Ubuntu or Fedora you can have it?

Yeah you say...but how the hell should you be able to chose among them?

Eh.. True!

So ill make it easy for you: pick Mint or Manjaro!

Must dash of for my tennis game now - I use Manjaro so I have the time for it :-D
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Re: Where to buy Linux laptops?

Postby R_Head » 04 Nov 2018, 15:45

Nice machines but pricey !! Would not mind having the Wide Screen one. :mrgreen:

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