Sites using Symantec certs will stop working!

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Sites using Symantec certs will stop working!

Postby viking60 » 12 Apr 2018, 16:16

Symantec has certified a lot of sites so they could run SSL (https). This certification did not seem very secure so Google and Mozilla decided not to trust them if Symantec did not clean up their act.

Symantec decided not to do so and sold the certification part instead.

So if you are running Chrome or Firefox many sites may disappear now.
You will still be able to accept the pages manually by accepting security exeptions in your browser.

So if you use a certificate from Symantec's old infrastructure; it is time to fetch a new certificate.

More here
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Re: Sites using Symantec certs will stop working!

Postby Blackcrack » 13 Apr 2018, 07:01

why the hack be not accepted the private created Cert's
this is ask still in the table.. fu.. they whant make easy money with them.. i hate commercial
playng Little Red Riding Hood dadi dideldumm..duh duh.. | STOP| this Certificate is not valid ! :C STOP

:S :T

best regards

edit: das war der f.. quiterss, sorry dafür und entschuldigung,
dachte das wäre wegen dem Geist aus der flasche Script und
dessen entfernen, das vill. was verschütt gegangen war, oder so..
also nicht die schuld des Forums.. war ein programm Bug.

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