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Onavo - the very insecure VPN!

Posted: 27 Feb 2018, 12:23
by viking60
There is this VPN called Onavo. It has been bought by Facebook and Facebook does in fact encourage iPhone users to "secure" their phone with the Onavo VPN service.

Now this would be good advice if this was about security - but Facebook did not buy Onavo for that :snooty:
Marketing Onavo within Facebook itself could lead to a boost in users for the VPN app, which promises to warn users of malicious websites and keep information secure – like bank account and credit card numbers – as you browse. But Facebook didn’t buy Onavo for its security protections.

The VPN service vil log all your movements and enable Facebook to target their adds towards you even more than before.
Onavo also is a vital instrument in destroying what little competition Facebook might have left:
However, it’s not likely that all Onavo users understand they’re actually feeding Facebook the information that allows it to take on any challenger to its social networking empire. (That empire also includes WhatsApp and Instagram as well as smaller acquisitions like tbh and MSQRD).

So if you think that VPN secures your internet activity - think again!

Normally a VPN is a good thing that can secure your internet activity; but that takes a good VPN that does not log (and uses) your every activity.

There is nothing private about the Onavo "Virtual Private Network" anymore - it is worse than no VPN.

So...don't use it unless Facebook pays your for it!

Facebook's story is that they will help to protect you and need to know the length of your penis to do so:
The app may collect your mobile data traffic to help us recognize tactics that bad actors use. Over time, this helps the tool work better for you and others. We let people know about this activity and other ways that Onavo uses and analyses data before they download it

So understand that Zuckerberg is all about Privacy and protecting us - good to know :liar:

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Re: Onavo - the very insecure VPN!

Posted: 04 Mar 2018, 07:25
by gnuuser
makes me wonder!
how many f***tards are being hired to write buggy linux app purposely?
probably a lot more than we know.
how nice it would be to have a universal app analyser you could run on an app to find all the back doors and close them.

Re: Onavo - the very insecure VPN!

Posted: 04 Mar 2018, 13:08
by viking60
Yes but I think Linus Torvalds and the Linux foundation are very much aware of this and do function as that watchdog.

That is probably why those gov peeping toms instructed Intel to make a "spyable" CPU. They could convince or force Microsoft, Apple and Google to cooperate but Linux is to diverse to force one single person, owner or manager.

Still; Redhat is a corporation that obviously would be a target for "governmental cooperation" in the name of "patriotism and national security" so there is reason to be allert.

When Redhat wanted to implement Microsofts keys to boot PC's ; Linus Torvalds said that Redhat could go ahead and suck Microsoft,s dick but that it had nothing to do with the kernel he is maintaining...
Guys, this is not a d*#@-sucking contest. If you want to parse PE binaries, go right ahead. If Red Hat wants to deep-throat Microsoft, that's *your* issue. That has nothing what-so-ever to do with the kernel I maintain. It's trivial for you guys to have a signing machine that parses the PE binary, verifies the signatures, and signs the resulting keys with your own key. You already wrote the code, for chissake, it's in that f*cking pull request.

That is good watchdog activity....

Re: Onavo - the very insecure VPN!

Posted: 25 Aug 2018, 07:47
by jimmiewilliams
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Re: Onavo - the very insecure VPN!

Posted: 03 Sep 2018, 12:37
by eianz
Indeed what else to expect from a company already plying with privacy of billions....

Re: Onavo - the very insecure VPN!

Posted: 19 Sep 2018, 06:43
I heard it was pulled back from stores and Facebook issued an apology for it. :drummer

Wasn't a very nice idea. There are millions of vpns out here, paid and free ones. We know which one works best and are actually better vpns.

Re: Onavo - the very insecure VPN!

Posted: 19 Oct 2018, 15:09
by johnbvergara18
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