ISP+Movie Industry want to censor without courts

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ISP+Movie Industry want to censor without courts

Postby viking60 » 08 Dec 2017, 07:09

The Canadian ISP's and the Movie Industry want to take down Internet sites without a court order.
A coalition of Canadian ISPs and movie industry companies is preparing a deal to block pirate sites without a court order. The plan, which will be submitted to the telecom regulator CRTC later this month, is the first of its kind in North America. While major ISP's are on board, the Government's response has been rather reserved.

This Vigilante activity will save a lot of time and money - who needs courts to decide in these matters. The ISP's and the Industry know best -right?

Police and courts are for crocks - not for them!
Canadian professors are worried that this can escalate and find this to be a bad idea.
It can be expected that many other sites disliked by rights holders or broadcasters would find their way onto the block list,

At the moment; the Government seems to be reluctant too.

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Re: ISP+Movie Industry want to censor without courts

Postby R_Head » 08 Dec 2017, 20:00

And that is what Net Neutrality was all about. The whole idea was the complete opposite. Allowing the ISPs and Movie Industry granting them the power of law. Giving them the power to control content.

I said this many times and will say again. Break the Trust/ISP Monopolies. Enforce the Anti-Trust rules that are in place. Let the market (people) decide what ISP is better and choose what they want to consume.

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