Wolrds biggest child porn site was ran by Australian police

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Wolrds biggest child porn site was ran by Australian police

Postby viking60 » 26 Nov 2017, 11:18

To catch pedophiles the Australian police decided to run a child porn site!

This site became the biggest child porn site in the world! The police contributed to the site by uploading pictures of children being abused.

This raises some serious questions:

Is it OK to promote child porn to catch pedophiles?
Is it possible that the Australian police has contributed to the molesting of children?
Did they create the bastards to catch them (created more than they can catch)?

In most countries this would be illegal. In those cases the agencies tap dance around the legislation's by aiding the cooperating agency in the country where it is not (Five eyes, Nine eyes, 14 eyes).

"If the constitution does not fit; we find a place where it does".

The pedophiles must be stopped but are we pouring out the baby with the bathing water here? How much collateral damage is acceptable?

If it becomes standard police work to commit and contribute to crime - will we be able to have confidence in the police?

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