Intel CPU with multiple flaws

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Intel CPU with multiple flaws

Postby viking60 » 24 Nov 2017, 09:02

Intel CPU's are in most computers and the firmware is closed source.
Now this firmware has serious security issues and can run code that the OS and the Sysadmin simply cannot see!

So it is time to update/flash your BIOS.

Rumor has it that the NSA claims that this is not a bug....It's a feature....

Intel is American and can and -probably is- subject to government cooperation. The secret subpoenas will cut them off from informing you as they are legislated in the U.S. Patriot Act or the British H.R. 1981++

This basically means that if the US government wants to spy on you it can easily be done without possibility to discover it..if you have an Intel CPU.

Good thing then that you do not care and have nothing to hide....
In any case we can trust the US government not to exploit this given their flawless history in the spying department.

American hardware and software has simply become a problem.
Russian and Chinese governments are not in any way more trustworthy but they are not as good at it as the Americans..that makes their HW and SW more trustworthy.

Siemens Fujitsu...time to come up with a CPU...

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