Google has become a Fascist Tool!

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Google has become a Fascist Tool!

Postby R_Head » 31 Aug 2017, 03:31

I think, Google is not this at all. However.... I remember few years back, Obummer had a meeting in San Francisco with the Tech Giants. Steve Jobs, Eric Schmit, Mark Zuckerberg were amongst them. After that meeting, Steve Jobs died from pancreatic cancer, so news said. We all know, how Jobs hated that someone meddle with his products.

Call me nutz, crazy, etc... What happen behind doors, was a take over of the Deep State. Alphabet and F-Book bent over and took it all, Jobs, not so easy and we know how ended. ... Pt111aX370

I read a lot and remember a lot.

Google/You Tube: The New Virtual Fascist Political/Economic Power!

Last night, I had dinner with two young military friends of mine who had just returned from a tour of duty in Africa. They shouldn’t have been there in the first place but that is a topic for another time. One of the two turned toward me and asked me this simple question:

“You are in a ton of You Tube videos.  How much money do you make for them from?”

I answered, “Nothing! Nada, Zippo!”

“Why?”  he asked.

“Because Google/You Tube arbitrarily decided that I am a political website deserving of no advertising reimbursement for my efforts.”  BTW, it cost me somewhere around four hundred dollars per video just to have the ‘honor’ of using You Tube.

It then dawned on me that ten years ago Google had restricted the amount of money that I could earn selling product on the internet when I had lived in Bozeman, Montana. At that time, they claimed that my products which involved some very sophisticated biochemistry were “too commercial”. I had to provide “more instructive/educational content”.

I had hired a so-called expert on Search Engine Optimization [SEO] for $6,000 per month.  After a short time, I realized that Google was playing fast-and-foot loose. I reported their activity to several federal agencies which did nothing. I warned that Google was ‘restricting free trade’. Eventually they tempered their outlandish behavior.

Some additional background, it turned out that I was at Stanford University in 1998 about the same time that two PhD students, Larry Page and Sergey Brin, left their respective graduate programs to become successful entrepreneurs. The rest is capitalist history. Eventually the famous venture capital firms: Kleiner, Perkins, Caulfield & Byers along with Sequoia Capital– took the two entrepreneurs into the billion dollar stratosphere.

The irony hit me years later recalling that Sergey Brin and his mathematician family immigrated from the repressive Soviet Union. Their new life was a direct result of my psychiatrist/psyops work freeing mathematicians/scientists “dissidents” who were incarcerated in the KGB Kaschenko Psychiatric Hospital. These supposed dissidents in Moscow were given highly contrived psychiatric diagnoses including, “Sluggish Schizophrenia”.

I understood that once in the USA, they became voracious capitalists as they should. However, does Sergey realize that he recreated the arbitrary oversight and intimidation that he and his Jewish family had experienced throughout their meager existence in the Soviet Union? Watch my video on #regimechange

We in psychiatry have a very fancy term for this type of behavior where one repeats the abuse of a fascist regime. It’s called: “identification with the aggressor/abuser”. We see this same type of  abnormal behavior in abused women who then abuse their own children. In the case of Google/You Tube, or Alphabet it’s a continuous non-accountable state of constant censorship, intimidation, and fear pervading over the users. Sergey constructed a virtual replication of his abhorrent Soviet Union. Google/You Tube has become a fascist non-governmental entity pervading the political/financial ether of the world. Google now determines right and wrong, good from bad, and how much one could or could not earn.

Fascism at its best!!

In the Net Force series, I predicted the rise of such an entity years before Sergey and Larry ever conceived of Google. I called ‘cyber-terror’ and it became part of the ‘cyber-nation’.

Today our country is devolving into smaller parts of governance to such an extent that the garbage collector or the county commissioner is far more important than the occupant of the White House. If you don’t believe me, try to call the WH and ask why your garbage was not collected on the usual day.

It would behoove both Sergey and Larry to assume a more humble posture. They were the fortunate beneficiaries of the Defense Advanced Research Project Agency’s [DARPAs] initial funding of the internet in the early sixties through the seventies. DARPA was funded through both the CIA and military intelligence.

I remind these two young men that for the most part of their professional life they have done very little for this country in terms of personal sacrifice like many of our military veterans/intelligence officers. Those are the heroes that gave their lives so Sergey and Larry could have the good fortune to become billionaires.

It’s time for Serg/Larry to give something back to this country. I would recommend that they convene a conference on internet neutrality. They should explain to the attendees how they inadvertently created a Frankenstein [Alphabet] monster that restricted free speech and free enterprise. I suspect if they studied the epistemology of their internet creation, they would discover that the foundations of fascism was structured into the very lattices of their brilliant opus.

Upton Sinclair, the great American writer [The Jungle]:

“Fascism is capitalism plus murder.” ... cist-tool/

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