The Pirate Bay is not blocked in Sweden

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The Pirate Bay is not blocked in Sweden

Postby viking60 » 27 Nov 2015, 14:37

In Norway some ISP's had to block The Pirate Bay because it was possible to download copyrighted material there.

In Sweden where TPB is from; the court ruled that the ISP's cannot be regarded as a part in the illegal downloading if they have no direct involvement with TPB.

This makes sense - we do not make Ferrari responsible for you speeding with it either.

In Norway the ISP's/Telecom have been ordered to block TPB and ironically in Island that has the biggest Pirate Party in the world. This will probably not last in Island making Norway the most censorship hungry nation in Northern Europe. :berserk2

The Issue will be treated in the EU court system too and if they rule it illegal to block then Norway will look like Idiots - again.

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